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Training is only one part of real learning. Learning is the process of changing a person's competencies. Training is so often an information dump and that is why it doesn't always work. That is why it feels like "an event". Training doesn't last.

Think about you train someone to ride a bike or do they learn how to ride a bike?

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The same is true with "training" someone how to achieve a specific task in a business environment. To change competencies you have to create real learning environments. Of course they have to be fun, interactive and offer smart content. That is like saying that cooking requires some kind of recipe.
But, learning is more. It requires real understanding of what the "gap" is. That is why generic training makes little to no impact. Change doesn't happen through a manual or a "box of tools".

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For powerful learning you have to create content that uncovers the gaps. A gap is a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be. The gap is where the learning has to be created and learning needs a lot more than content. It needs application and demonstration so that the new competency comes alive. With competency comes confidence and with confidence comes pride and enthusiasm...and that is the gas that fuels a business engine.

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Stephan is able to combine his amazing talent with a sound knowledge of the business side of running a successful restaurant, whether as a stand alone operation, or as part of a 5 Star International Luxury Resort/Business Hotel.
Stephan also has a proven track record of managing a large team of Chefs and catering personnel.

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